2017 Red Raider Cheerleading



Photo Credit: Coach Kylee Youmans


BHS 2017 Red Raider Varsity Cheerleading


varsity cheering

Red Raiders Varsity Cheerleaders — Top Row, left to right: Tanaya Taylor, Ariana Roderick, Emme’ Capra, Kalyani Clarke, and Victoria Coombs — Center Row, left to right: Erin Rooney, Taylor Coombs, Emma Barrett, and Tia Noonan — Bottom Row: Ashley O’Neill, Samantha Vanlieu, Katelynn Tivey, Amy Kristofferson, and Aaliyah Roderick. (Photo Credit: Kylee Youmans)

Coach: Rachel McDougall

Emma Barrett – Junior
Emme’ Capra – Senior CAPTAIN
Kate Rose Cazeault – Junior
Kalyani Clarke – Junior
Taylor Coombs – Freshman
Victoria Coombs – 8th grade
Amy Kristofferson – Freshman
Tia Noonan – Freshman
Ashley O’Neill – Freshman
Aaliyah Roderick – Freshman
Ariana Roderick – Junior
Erin Rooney – Sophomore
Tanaya Taylor- Junior CAPTAIN
Katelynn Tivey- Senior CAPTAIN
Samantha Vanlieu – Freshmen


BHS 2017 Red Raider Junior Varsity Cheerleading



Red Raiders Junior Varsity Cheerleaders — Top Row, left to right: Olivia Florestal, Journey Pells, Taylor Harmon, Danalyn Galvin-Gonsalves — Front Row, left to right: Aliana Jones, Caline Halbert, Nicole Marcondes, Taylor Hayden, Zoe Houle — Not Pictired: Alannah Thompson & Asia Barbel (Photo Credit: Kaylee Youmans)

Coach: Kylee Youmans

Aliana Jones – Freshman
Zoe Houle – 8th grade
Nicole Marcondes – Freshman
Asia Barbel – Junior
Taylor Harmon – Junior
Taylor Hayden – 8th grade
Caline Halbert – 8th grade
Journey Pells – Freshman
Danalyn Galvin-Gonsalves – Freshman
Olivia Florestal – Freshman
Alannah Thompson – Freshman


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