3 thoughts on “Athletic Office

  1. To whom this may concern,

    I am a recent transfer from Georgia where I have played football for a majority of my life. And I look to continue doing such at Barnstable as well. Before my transfer into BHS, I had found both the athletic director and at the time football coach contact information and also notified those of my upcoming transfer into BHS. I am in seek of information of who I can talk to about getting field availability to do some conditioning and workouts.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Nathaniel, I did reach out to our Athletic Director, Scott Thomas, on your behalf. Once you are registered to attend Barnstable Public Schools, please do contact him. He will be very happy to assist you in joining in with football players in preparing for the 2018 season at that time. It is very impressive that you want to work on developing your skills offseason. As you know, for those serious about the game of football, it really is a year-round sport. Also, we do have a facebook page if you want to follow us. If your parents are interested — again once you are enrolled in Barnstable Public Schools — we also have an active Barnstable Quarterback Club. There are very strict rules we always abide by faithfully regarding recruitment of players. We do NOT recruit players EVER. We take this rule very seriously and can make no exceptions. This is why you must be enrolled in Barnstable Public Schools before Scott Thomas can help you. WELCOME to Cape Cod!!!! GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!

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