Red Raider Jersey # Plaque

Show you wore your Red Raider Football Number with Pride and support BHS Football !

You have an opportunity to add your name to a Jersey plaque in the Building M Weight Room.  Each Football Jersey number has its own plaque and highlights the former Red Raider players who have proudly worn that number.  The plaques are hung in the weight room for inspiration for all current and future Red Raider Football Players.

If you are interested in having your name added to the plaque, please complete the information below.  All the money collected supports the Red Raider football program.

COST:                   $50 – Check payable to Barnstable Quarterback Club

PLAYER NAME:    __________________________________________

ADDRESS:            __________________________________________


PHONE:                 __________________________________________

JERSEY NUMBER:          __________________________________________

SEASON(s):           __________________________________________

Please print and mail completed form and payment to:

Barnstable Quarterback Club
P.O. Box 655
Centerville, MA  02632

Questions?  Please contact

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