Barnstable Quarterback Club Mission, Objectives and Purpose


The Barnstable Quarterback Club, Inc. has been supporting Barnstable High School football in the Town of Barnstable, MA. since 1967. Our club’s mission is to provide our student-athletes at Barnstable High School (BHS) with the best possible football experience. As a “football family”, our club members actively provide community support, promote school spirit, and encourage team comradery by raising funds, sponsoring events, and when funds are available providing academic scholarships. We provide any other assistance to the football program as needed and in accordance with the established bylaws of the organization.


The primary objectives of Quarterback Club are as follows:

a. Encourage the growth and development of our football program at Barnstable High School;

b. Provide financial support for projects which promote the football program that fall within the policies and guidelines of Barnstable High School, but which are not funded by the school district.

c. Provide financial support that encourages the growth and development of programs related to the football program. All support will fall within the policies and guidelines of Barnstable High School.

d. Support the continued growth and success of Barnstable Athletics by maintaining clear communications and cooperation between QBC, the school administration, coaches, players and other athletic booster organizations at Barnstable High School.

e. Disseminate information on programs and projects that will attract and involve a large, active group of parents of football players. Cooperate with the BHS administration, school officials and coaches in the pursuit of these objectives.


Fundraising efforts of the Quarterback Club have paid for a variety of supportive initiatives that directly benefit student-athletes. Examples are listed below:

a. Coaching Tools — Supplemental teaching tools beyond the ability of the Athletic Department to purchase beneficial to coaching student-athletes is funded, such as HUDL (video analysis tool) subscriptions;

b. Equipment — The QAB has purchased additional essential equipment that falls outside the ability of the BHS Athletic Department to fund. Recent purchases included helmets for Freshmen players, video/audio equipment, and a variety of incidental equipment needs falling beyond the team budget;

c. Letterman Jackets — High quality Letterman Jackets are purchased for each student-athlete who qualifies for earning his first varsity letter in football;

d. Scholarships — Up to four scholarships per year have been provided to worthy college bound student-athletes;

e. Meals/ Snacks — Meals are provided to student-athletes participating in varsity away games. Nutritious energy snacks, such as fresh oranges and/or bananas, are provided to student-athletes during half-time;

f. Awards — Awards are purchased to enable recognition to student-athletes for outstanding accomplishments; and,

g. Year End Banquet — A year-end celebratory banquet is organized and funded, inclusive of decorations, meals, and senior gifts.

The Barnstable Quarterback Club meets on a weekly basis during the football season and monthly throughout the remainder of the calendar year. We would love your participation in meetings to help make the season better for the players, coaches and families.

Football season meetings are held each Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the Senior Cafeteria at Barnstable High School.

Join us on facebook at: Barnstable Quarterback Club.

1 thought on “Barnstable Quarterback Club Mission, Objectives and Purpose

  1. I am proud to say my dad, Frank Murray was one of the founders and encouraged the support we see in the Quarterback Club to this day.
    Jim Murray-Colorado (former Red Raider football player).

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