Senior Bios

Domanic Ford
Domanic’s favorite moment is coming to the weight room and lifting weights with
his teammates. He would like to thank his teammates throughout his years of
playing football, and his coaches, especially Coach Jatkola for pushing him to be
great every day. Domanic’s future plans are to study Entrepreneurship or
Marketing at Endicott College.

Elijah Johnson
Elijah’s favorite football memory moment was suiting up for the first practice with
his brothers and balling out on the field. He would like to thank his father and
mother as well as his grandparents for helping him get to where he is today.
Elijah plans to study Sports Therapy but has not yet chosen a college.

Benjamin Leach
Ben’s favorite moment is by far being Falmouth on Thanksgiving, especially
because it has always been a rivalry with having family from Falmouth. Ben
would like to thank Coach K , he’s always helping him since freshman year when
he first learned to play Tight end. Thank you also to Coach Jatkola and all other
Coaching staff. Ben is planning to major in Pre -Veterinary studies but has not
decided on a school at this time.

William Robke
Will’s favorite football memory has been beating Falmouth every year that
he has played against them. He is hoping to make it four straight wins after
this season. Will would like to thank both of his parents for all their love
and support and Coach Jatkola for helping him every step of the way. Next
fall Will will be playing football at Williams College while studying Biology
with plans to attend Medical School.

Antonio White

Antonio’s favorite football moment is being on the field playing with his
teammates. He would like to thank his mother, Antonia, Angel and the Barnstable
coaching staff for giving him the best opportunity to do what he loves. Antonio
has not decided on a school yet, but plans to study Accounting and Marine
Biology in the fall.

JJ Martin
JJ’s favorite moment is playing in the opening game against Brockton. He would
like to thank his parents, his brothers, family, and coaches. JJ plans to play
college football.

Leila-Marie Pereira

Leila-Marie’s favorite memory of cheer is singing and dancing with everyone on
the bus and at the games. Leila would like to thank her Mom and all the kind
Mom’s in the program for the love she has received throughout the season and
for being the biggest supporters and best helpers. Leila- Marie’s plans are
undecided; she would like to go into the criminal justice, sports, or medical field.
Her top college choice is Bridgewater and she would like to be famous one day!

Haley Demanche
The Barnstable Cheer program has given Haley many lasting memories that she
will forever cherish, but her all time favorite has to be during her junior year
when the team found out they were going to regionals! Haley would like to thank
her teammates and coaches who have made her experience one to remember.
As Haley look ahead at what her future holds, she is hoping to attend a college
to become an elementary teacher while also continuing her cheerleading career.
Lastly, Haley would like to thank her family who are the biggest supporters of her
dreams. Go RedHawks! 

Julian Hogan
Julian’s favorite memory is the first day he got his helmet and made his first hit.
He would like to thank his coaches from the past and present and his mother and
family for helping him through it all. Julian plans to continue to play sports in
college. He would like to focus on stocks and creating an online business.

Jake Mooney
Jake’s favorite memory is winning the Thanksgiving Day game against Falmouth
last year. He would like to thank his parents, grandma, and all of his coaches throughout the years, and also the rest of his family. Jake plans to study business
at a school in the New England region.

Marc Wiseman
Marc’s favorite memory is being called up to play in the Thanksgiving game his
freshman year. He would like to thank his Mom and Dad, Grandparents, his
brothers and sister, coaches, and family for all their support. Marc plans to study
business in college.

Brendon Da Silva
Brendon’s favorite moment is when he scored a touch down in the JV
Thanksgiving game the day after his grandmother passed away. He would like to
thank all his coaches and family for being with him every step of the way.
Brendon plans to study business and play college football/ volleyball.