Raiders Fall Short to Everett’s Crimson Tide

As they say, it’s never easy beating the same team twice in a season.

Thus, that’s how the chips fell for the Red & White at Gillette Stadium Saturday (Dec. 1), as the Everett Crimson Tide defeated the Red Raiders, 20-19, in the MIAA Div. 1A Super Bowl championship game.

Tedaro France scored all three of Barnstable’s touchdowns and finished with 19 on the season, giving him a lifetime point-total of 180 points. That mark ranks France as the third highest scorer in Barnstable Football history – tied with Class of 1981’s Brian Reid.

The Barnstable defense performed brilliantly, forcing five turnovers against the Tide. Andrew Ellis, Ryan Litchman, Bryan Hardy, Jon Eldredge, Jason Frieh (2 sacks), D.J. Gonsalves, Manny Dulak, Kevin Hardy, France (interception), Tom Grimmer, Marcus Cunningham (2 fumble recoveries), Dereck Pacheco (fumble recovery) and Derek Estes (interception) deserve a huge pat on the back for staying on the field for 75 plays.

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