Red Raiders Stage Major Upset – Down Xaverian, 15-14


The big man smiled down upon the Red Raiders and senior Dereck Pacheco’s golden foot Friday night.

Pacheco blasted a 32-yard field goal to win the game with 1:36 remaining on the clock in the 4th quarter. His soon to be famous boot made winners out of Barnstable, now 2-1, as the Red & White took a 15-14 victory and relished it like none other. Derek Estes and Colby Blaze both had touchdowns to add to an overall superlative team effort.

Top defensive performances came from Hayden Murphy, Blaze, Estes (interception), Pacheco (sack), Conor Walsh (caused fumble to set up 1st score), Drew Lambert (recovered fumble), and a vastly improved special teams unit.

Senior quarterback Kristian Lucashensky was spectacular, going 8-15 for 125 yards and two touchdowns.


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