BHS Red Raider Weight Lifting Clubs Announced

york bar bells

“Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare.” — Coach Chris Whidden

BHS Red Raider Head Football Coach Chris Whidden announced weight lifting club honors today, in particular those 2015 season football players who achieved total weight lifted in bench press, squat and hang clean of either a combined minimum of 700, 800 or an incredible 900 pounds.


Congratulations 700 Club Members!!!!!!

Ahmad Java (Senior — WR/DB)

Oscar Rodriguez (Senior — RB/LB)

Josh von Staats (Sophomore — RB/LB)

Chris Weber (Junior — TE/DL)


Congratulations 800 Club Members!!!!!!

Keaton Bergal (Junior — QB/DB)

Sean Ford (Senior — Captain — RB/LB)

Reece Hoppensteadt (Senior — TE/DB)

Jack Pipatti (Senior — Captain — RB/DB)


Congratulations 900 Club Members!!!!!!

Tanner Banks (Senior — OL/DL)

Rory Dwyer (Junior — RB/LB)

Jack Kennedy (Junior — OL/DL)

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