Freshman Barnstable Red Raiders Crush Falmouth Clippers 46 to 8, as 5 Fantastic Freshmen Players are “Called-Up” to Varsity


The Barnstable Freshmen Football Team Celebrates After Their Impressive Victory (Selfie-Credit: Coach Kris Dumas)


The Barnstable High School Freshman Red Raiders finished their impressive 7 – 3 season by handily defeating the Falmouth High School Freshmen Clippers 46 to 8 today on the road at Gov. Fuller Field, Falmouth.

In related “Freshmen News”, Coach Kris Dumas also announced that the following five fabulous football players were “called up” to the Varsity Squad, voted by their peers for their outstanding leadership, sportsmanship and gameplay: Max Kennedy, Colby Burke, Brian Frieh, Declan Moriarty, and Harrison Lanman.

Congratulations, gentlemen!!

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