Are you wondering what you can do to support our football players and cheerleaders? Do you want to have fun, meet other football and cheerleader parents, and contribute towards ensuring our student-athletes have a fun and successful football and cheerleading season? There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Please consider signing up!! 



Volunteers at Concessions work in short shifts of 2 1/2 hours or less (unless you are interested in volunteering for multiple shifts). We suggest volunteering for games your student-athlete is not playing or cheering at, varsity parents at JV/Freshmen games, for example.

Concessions Sign-Up for Homecoming, Barnstable vs. Durfee — Friday, 10/6

Concessions Sign-Up for Barnstable vs. Dartmouth — Friday, 10/20

Concessions Sign-Up for Barnstable vs. Dartmouth (Fresh/JV) — Sat., 11/18



When our players and cheerleaders head to an away game, we do not want them going hungry. After all, several hours lapse between when they eat lunch at school and when they arrive home from away games.

Barnstable Quarterback Club supplies each athlete with a sandwich and a Gatorade after the game. Arrangements will be made for reimbursement or purchases for any volunteers to sign-up for sandwich & Gatorade duty. Volunteers deliver to the team before they leave Barnstable or after the game in Dartmouth if the volunteer is attending the game.

Away Barnstable vs. Dartmouth (Freshmen) — Friday, 10/20

Away Barnstable vs. Dartmouth (Junior Varsity) — Monday, 10/23


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