Volunteers Needed! All Hands on Deck for Concessions and “Oranges for Our Players” Duty!


Are you looking for a fun way to pitch-in and help support our Barnstable High School Red Raiders football players and cheerleaders???? Here are some important ways you can help out. Many hands make light work!



Proceeds from concessions are a very important way the Barnstable Quarterback Club generates money to fund expenses important to the Red Raider Football and Cheerleading programs. We are seeking several people to help man our Concessions Stand at our first home game on Friday, September 15th versus Duxbury.

Volunteering for the Snack Bar is FUN and can be EASY with your HELP!!! You can help set-up, work a half a game, a whole game, or be on clean up crew.  The Snack Bar is a great place to watch the game because you will be dry and warm with a live feed of the game on the TV!

To sign up for a shift not to exceed two hours (unless you would like to help multiple shifts), sign up by clicking the link below….

BHS vs. Duxbury – Snack Bar Volunteers



Football is a demanding game, and for our player’s personal well-being and safety, it is essential that they stay hydrated. Though water if offered freely throughout game play, we want our players to get some “quick nutrition” to help them maintain their energy.

Oranges are a necessary mid-game snack to help our players restore nutrients lost during games.  By taking on this task, you are helping the ENTIRE team.  Please consider this important volunteer opportunity.  You pick up the oranges at Lambert’s in Centerville, slice them into quarters, and arrangements will be made to get them to the games.

To sign up for “Orange Duty”, please click the link below…




Thank you, Lambert’s Cape Cod Farm Market for your generous donation of countless cases, cases and yet more cases of nutritious oranges for our football players through the years. We appreciate YOU!

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